Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nice Sunday in NC

Joe, Gail, and Barb


Joe, Gail, and Fred

Rom and Terry discussing new boules

Sue Wien and Joe
We had a good turnout for the nicest weather of the year so far.  Temperatures in the low 70s and plenty of sunshine.  It was good to see Terry and Sue for the first time in a while.  The two of them are into the bass fishing season now and have tournaments (fishing-- not petanque!) for the next six Saturdays in a row.  Hope they'll still find the energy to join us on Sunday afternoons.

Barb tried her new La Franc SS boules and played great.  Rom and Joe both ordered new boules which should be here for next Sunday's play.  It's good to see people beginning to get more serious about improving their play.  Should be a challenge to win games this summer!

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