Monday, April 15, 2013

Cearley Clan

Tom, Robert, and Tim

Long-time CarolinaPetanque member Tom Cearley was able to bring his dad, Robert, and his twin brother, Tim, over to our place in Lincolnton on Saturday.  They had played with our group before in Winston-Salem and we were very happy to have them back again.

Danny and Sue were down from the NC mountains to rejoin the group for the first time in a while.  We hope we'll see a lot more of them in weeks to come now that the weather in the Carolinas is approaching perfect.

Marc and Juan took the afternoon off from work and joined us as well.  (Augustin and Susanne were a little under the weather from recent flu-like symptoms.)  Marc and Juan played until nearly 8:00 PM when darkness began to settle.

Shirley and I hope to be able to host in Lincolnton more frequently now that the days are longer and the weather is so nice.  It's closer for some of our players than the drive to Miller Park, but we hope to see them at both places as their schedules allow.

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