Monday, April 22, 2013

Afternoon Panache Tournament on May 5th at Miller Park in Winston-Salem

Bob Moyer
Bob Moyer, past-president of CarolinaPetanque, is promoting an afternoon panache tournament on May 5th, 2013 for CarolinaPetanque members and guests.  He has a fellow artist friend, Guntram Porps, visiting the United States from Germany who just happens to be an avid petanque player as well.

The tournament will be a fun-first type affair where you switch partners after each round of games.  There will be two players per team (doubles) unless the number of teams turns out to be an odd number.  In that event, there will be one game of three players per team (triples) in each round of games as well.  Your partner(s) in the first round will be determined by a random draw.  Afterwards, the pairings will be determined by consulting a posted, fixed listing of pairings.

Each individual player will accumulate one major point for winning a game.  In addition, win or lose, your point deviation will accrue as plus or minus minor points.  For example, if your team wins by a score of 13 to 7, each player on your team will receive one major point and 6 minor points (thirteen minus seven equals six).  Conversely, each player on the losing team will receive zero major points and [negative 6] minor points.

At the end of four rounds of qualifying games, the four individual players with the most major points (or the most minor points in case of ties), will advance directly to the Championship Finals.  The top two ranked individuals will play as a team against a team made up of the third and fourth ranked individuals.

Games will be timed so as not to exceed 55 minutes per game.  This should allow us to complete four rounds of games between 1:30 and 5:30.  The Championship will then start around 5:45 and be played to 13 points without a time limit.

There will be prizes awarded for the Champions and Runners-up.

After the tournament, somewhere around 7:00, Bob is inviting the entire group to join him and Guntram at the Inter_Section Gallery and Art Space at:

629 N Trade Street
Winston-Salem, NC

for pizza and sake (or non-alcoholic beverage).  Attendees will be able to view the exhibit, consisting of the poetry of Bob Moyer, the art of Guntram Porps, and the art of Mona Wu.

This should be a really fun event and provide everyone with a good chance to be a winner.  Please mark you calendars and join us.  We will have to start promptly at 1:30 to finish on a timely basis, so try to be a few minutes early if you can.


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