Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yesterday's Play

Juan points

Anne points as Sue and Abigail look on

Thanks to Mr. Hunter of the Parks Dept. for allowing our banners!

Bo was sleeveless by the afternoon

Terry, Sue, Bo, and Kirk


Walking the walk


Marc in action

Passersby trying our game

Cool morning crowd

Coats in the AM
Yesterday's play at Nevin Park in Charlotte was the idea of Ed and Anne Shoaf, and we were only too happy to promote the idea through CarolinaPetanque.  It turned out to be a great choice.  We had around twenty players!  The morning temps were in the low 40s, but as the day progressed people were able to shed their jackets, long sleeves, and long underwear(!) to enjoy the beautiful Carolina autumn weather.

Abigail, Steve Hackenberg's daughter, made her first appearance at a CarolinaPetanque event and played spectacularly!  Hope she and Steve can come back soon.

We also had a couple of walkups who were very quick learners.  Mike, a Lincolnton resident who, along with his wife Donna, was in Charlotte for a softball tournament, went head-to-head with Khalid and did very well indeed.  He may not have scored many points, Khalid's shooting was top-notch, but his pointing was impressive-- especially for a first-time player.

Lonnie, a Charlotte Parks Department worker, saw us playing in the morning and was interested enough to return in the afternoon when his shift was over.  He watched for a while and then joined in the play.  He did great!  We mixed him into the normal random draw for teams and he contributed every time.  Hope we'll see him again.

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