Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cooler Weather is Coming

Sue and Fred had an undefeated day on Sunday!
Terry shoots on one court while Joseph points on another

Father and son walk-ups practicing (as Fred plays on another court)

Walt Elder

Terry explaining the game to new players
With winter weather coming soon, Shirley and I will only be playing for a couple of more weekends in the Carolinas before heading off to visit the grandkids in Texas for the holiday season.

The Wiens (Terry and Sue) are having a Grand Opening of their home terrain (in Lexington, NC) on Saturday, December 1st.  It's open to all members, family, and friends of CarolinaPetanque.  You can get in touch at if you'd like to come.

There will be afternoon play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday, Dec. 2nd, and again on Sunday, Dec. 9th.  After that, Shirley and I will be gone until around the end of January.  Other members may choose to play in our absence, and I'll send out e-mails advising of any Carolina play that's made known to me.

Remember, send me your e-mail address at if you'd like to be added to the weekly e-mail.

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