Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday's Pictures

Best-Dressed Winners

Rich and Billy

(San Antonio) Texas vs. Carolina

Kirk with eventual winners Weibel and Subrenat

Lauren and Uijin were runners-up in Concours Bb!

Fred and Juan

Cruz and Kristi

Josh and Bo (from Ohio)

Juan pointing

Fred's wife Faye shielding her eyes from FL sun

Juan & Fred

Khalid & Joseph tied for 3rd overall!


Wrights from GA

Ricard sponsors

Marco Foyot measuring

USA team member Juan Garcia (4th from left)

No whining

Subrenat and Weibel


Khalid, Claudy, Jean-Pierre, and Joseph

Arpaia, Mathis, Martin, and Foyot

Cynthia and Andre (Maine Boules Club)

Canada's women

Teri Sirico

Mike Owen's daughter Misty

Finalists Claudy Weibel & J.P. Subrenat vs. Foyot & Martin

Teri with Roger and Bernard

FPUSA President Ed Porto

Ricard's representative with Philippe

First in their bracket-- Marie and Stan (Virginia Boulefrogs)

First place winners Claudy and J.P.
Congratulations to Claudy Weibel and Jean-Pierre Subrenat on winning the 2012 Petanque America Open.

CarolinaPetanque had it's best finish ever this year.  Khalid Mesbah (with his partner Joseph Hassoune from New York) finished in a tie for 3rd place out of 128 teams!  They won five straight on Saturday, then three straight on Sunday, before finally losing in the semi-finals to the eventual winners-- Weibel & Subrenat.

Uijin and Lauren Park also had an excellent tournament showing.  They were 4 and 1 on Saturday and finished as runners-up in Concours Bb!  Great job.

Kirk and Bo were also 4 and 1 on Saturday.  They were ranked 32nd of 128 teams after Saturday's play.  Unfortunately (depending upon your point of view) for them, that meant their first game on Sunday was against ultimate winners Weibel and Subrenat!  Their second game was against the final winners of Concours Aa, so they were eliminated in two games on Sunday.  Still, a great achievement and they should be very proud.
Danny and Sue made a good showing this year as well.  3 and 2 on Saturday got them into the Concours brackets.  They also lost both games on Sunday.

Augustin and Marc, Juan and Fred, Kristi and Cruz, Angela and Heather, & Shirley and I made up the rest of the Carolinas' teams.  I'll try to get specifics on their results, but I think that  Augustin and Marc, Juan and Fred, & Kristi and Cruz all had winning records on Saturday.  Angela and Heather are new players-- first time at Amelia-- but still managed to win a game on Saturday.  Nice job!

Shirley and I were 2&3 on Saturday.  We lost two of our games by one point each.  Oh well, there's always next year!

Those of you who weren't there missed a great time.  Maybe next year?

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