Monday, July 9, 2012

More from the Spruce Pine Invitational

Here are quite a few more pictures from the Spruce Pine Invitational tournament that CarolinaPetanque members Kirk and Bo Edwards hosted at their home terrain on Saturday.

The event, in its fifth consecutive year, was a melee style doubles tournament, meaning that teams are chosen by random lot at the beginning of the day.  There were eight teams participating this year.

The tournament consisted of three seeding rounds of forty-five minute (or 13 points) duration, followed by single elimination bracket play.  Kirk chose to use non-traditional seeding in the first round of elimination play whereby seeded team #1 played team #5; team #2 played team #6; team #3 played team #7; and team #4 played team #8.  This resulted in an equal seeding spread differential of four places for every first round game.

One rather unique feature of the Spruce Pine tournament is that many of the games up until the semi-finals are played on grass.  This makes things a little different from usual for both pointers and shooters.  It's a great way to expand your style of play and get practice at lob pointing and on-the-iron shooting.

When all was said and done and the whining (despite our widely-ignored club motto!) was over, the team of Juan Hernandez and Rebecca Bodenheimer squared off against Bob Moyer and Sue Wien in the finals.  After lots of good play and spirited cheering, Sue and Bob emerged as winners for 2012.  Congratulations for a job very well done!

(True to Spruce Pine's established tradition, Bob and Sue had to play one post-finals match of head-to-head singles against each other for overall winner of bragging rights for 2012.  Congratulations to Bob for adding that feather to his cap!)


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