Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday at Miller Park

There were thirteen of us at Miller Park yesterday for Sunday play and an impromptu celebration of Shirley's birthday. The play was fun and the festivities were not dampened by the Carolina summer storm that passed through briefly.

Special thanks to Danny & Sue and Terry & Sue as each couple brought a surprise birthday cake for Shirley. Two cakes! Getting a little older is not so bad, I guess. ( As someone once said, "Consider the alternative!").

Bob is heading north again to visit family and plans to be gone about six weeks this time, so we'll miss him for a while. Tentative plans for the rest of us for next weekend are to play at 2:00 PM Sunday (Miller Park), so put it on your schedule. Some of you who haven't been in a while should think about coming out again. We're having nice crowds and good games.

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