Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saturday with Augustin and Susanne

Augustin and Susanne of Hickory, NC, were gracious hosts to CarolinaPetanque on Saturday, June 28, 2008. We all enjoyed a delightful afternoon of petanque and friendship. There were two busy courts of triples going on for most of the afternoon with others waiting in the wings. Even a brief afternoon thunderstorm failed to dampen the spirits of those on hand. Drinks, good food (our hosts supplied wonderful pork barbecue and Josh did a grill of burgers and chicken), and pleasant conversation took us through the storm. After which, right back to the courts!

Its hard to say who the "winners" were for the day. Everyone had such a good time that we'll just have to declare it a draw all the way around. The beautiful surroundings and pleasant, shady setting made for a terrific venue. And Augustin has just finished putting a third court into place. It's still settling a little and he plans to do a little more compacting, but we'll look forward to breaking it in soon.

Thanks Augustin, Susanne, Susanne C., and all the others who worked to put on the event. Great job!

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