Monday, June 8, 2015

Tuesday meeting and play

Petanque area-- "Before" picture

We got a message from Heather Herrin and William Royston of the Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation Department that they wanted us to meet with them on Thursday morning to discuss their plans for developing the dedicated petanque area at Miller Park.  Heather and William were very supportive of our ideas and we expect construction to begin soon-- probably next week.

Since we were making the trip to W-S on Tuesday, we decided to ask the group if we could reschedule Wednesday play to Tuesday morning.  Eight of us played on the new bocce courts.  While they're still a little softer than an ideal petanque surface should be, they are begiining to settle and compress to the point where we can play on them.  Still, we're excited to be getting our own area soon.  Very soon, we hope!

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