Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Practice in Lakeway, Texas

It looks like we owe the Ricardos a jack!

We forgot to take a rake

No water due to Texas drought

Beautiful venue

On Thursday, May14, 2015, the weather cleared long enough for Shirley and I to get in a couple of hours of practice (and NPL play, Rebekah, in case Shirley "forgot" to mention it!) at the City Park in Lakeway, Texas.  Unfortunately, it looked as though no one had played there in quite a while.  That's a real shame because there used to be quite an active petanque scene in Lakeway.  I guess some of the social club politics finally got in the way to the point where the two nice courts are rarely used.  Too bad.

We had fun though even if we didn't think to bring a rake.  The light layer of leaves proved to be much more playable than one would imagine from looking at the pictures.  The underlying surface was rock hard, so the leaves acted as no more than a top-dressing and hardly disturbed play at all.

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