Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bob Moyer and Guntram Propst

Okay for petanque? Why not!

Other artists too

On street parking

Gallery next door
Bob and Guntram are doing a showing together at Inter_Section Gallery (629 Trade St in W-S) .  Bob does the haiku and Guntram the illustrations.  Of course, they also found a place out back to throw a few boules.  Shirley stopped by yesterday to see the art work and again today to try the petanque.  Bob has been doing a "silly" petanque event in remembrance of a departed German friend, Mirko, for the past couple of years.  The story is that Mirko's broken-English way of saying he played to have fun was that he played to be silly.

Bob and Guntram had offered to take on all comers in singles, but, as it worked out, only Shirley was able to to make the trip and take them up on it.  She managed to lose both games-- first to Bob, then to Guntram.  Guess that made her their best AND worst challenger!

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