Monday, November 10, 2014

Wow! Unexpected turnout at Miller Park

Preston admiring Kaye's medal from the recent tournament

Great to have Fred back!

Chen and friend

Terry with Delores

Chen (sports medicine doctor?) works Rebekah's knee

Shirley with her new friend Xiangxian Chen
After having a rather disappointing turnout at Tanger Gardens in Greensboro on Saturday, we began to think the mild nip in the air might be foretelling a drop-off in players for the season.  Were we ever surprised at the crowd at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday!

Let's see, we had Gary, Shirley, Nelson, Rebekah, Preston, Bob, Terry, Gail, Fred, James, Kirk, Bo, Parker, Sue and Terry, Joe Harrington, Joseph and Julie, Chen and friend, Delores, Gene, Patricia, Sherry, Jay, Amber, Rusty, Marcia, Kaye, Rom, and Faye M. either playing or visiting.  (If I've forgotten to mention anyone, I apologize!  Let me know, and I'll revise this post.)

Guess the season may not be over after all!

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