Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunday at Amelia

Huge upset!  Thierry/Jacques defeatedClaudy/JP

Sunday saw yet another major shift in the weather.  This time for the better.  With the forecast predicting highs in the 70s, many of us made the changeover from jeans and sweatshirts to shorts and t-shirts.

Well, Saturday's results translated into Carolina having two teams in Concours A (Khalid/Abdul and Alex/w/Gilles).  One team in Concours B (Shirley/Gary) and all the others in the Consolante divisions.

Unfortunately, none of the Carolina Teams made it to the Semis, so no one went home with prize money.  Better luck next year!

The tournament Champions ended up being the familiar team of Marco Foyot and Bernard Martin.  They played a really great-- you might even say courageous-- game to come from behind and defeat Damien Hureau and his partner, Patrick Neauville.

The complete results should be posted soon-- probably on Facebook.  I'll keep you posted.

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