Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Saturday at Amelia

What a difference a day makes!  Saturday was cold-- mid-forties-- and there was a strong, bitter wind to make it seem even worse.

Still, everyone enjoyed playing, even with the wind. It was Qualifying Day.  Each team played five other teams chosen by a random draw beforehand.  Christophe Chambers, the tournament director, does a good job of segregating the draw to the extent that a team doesn't have to drive (or fly) all the way to Florida, only to play teams from their own club in the first rounds.

I remember some of the day's results posted by Carolina teams, and I apologize to those I don't remember.  Khalid and Abdul were 4 and 1.  I think Alex (w/ Gilles Canesse) was also 4 and 1.  Terry and Sue were 3 and 2.  Shirley and I were 3 and 2.  Kirk and Bo were 2 and 3.  Frank and Denyse were 2 and 3.  Rick and Maggie were 2 and 3.  Bob (w/ Pete Silvano) was 1 and 4.  And Danny and Sue were 1 and 4.  [Let me know if I have anything wrong here and I'll edit the blog.  Gary]

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