Thursday, October 23, 2014

Road trip!!!

Runners-up and Champions!
Lori Beth

Oysters, anyone?


Marie, Henk, and Suzanne


Parker and Bo

Gina and Stephan

Mr. Petanque America!


Consolante Runners-up and Winners

Danny& Sue tied for third in Concours!

Danny, Sue, Shirley and I drove down on Friday to Lake Mary, Florida, to play in the Oh La La Petanque Association's Guy Salanon Championship.  The tournament was a real pleasure as Oh La La celebrated the opening of their new playing area.  They have room for at least sixteen highly challenging courts.  With 28 teams participating, they had a great turnout to help in the court christening.

Bo Edwards and Parker were also there representing Carolina Petanque.  It may be unusual to have a mother/son team; but, in this case, it was effective.  They played very well and, before the day was over, fought their way to a tie for third place in the Consolante division.

Shirley and I got off to a terrible start, losing our first two games in the morning.  We did manage to win the third qualifying game, but were relegated to the Consolante for afternoon elimination play.  The afternoon proved to be more positive, We managed to win all four of our afternoon games to emerge as Consolante Winners.  We also won the Guy Salanon Consolante division in 2013, making us repeat winners of a sort.

Danny and Sue fared much better in morning qualifying, winning all three of their games.  They were, of course, able to make the cutoff for the Concours division in the afternoon.  They won a couple of afternoon games as well before losing to Eric/Bernard, the ultimate tournament Champions, in the semi-finals.  Well done!

Congratulations to Oh La La for a very successful tournament, to Bernard/Eric for winning, and to all who participated to make it a glorious day.

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