Monday, October 6, 2014

Nine at Nevin

Four of our Lincolnton members made the drive over to Nevin Park in Charlotte to join Frank, Denyse, Khalid, Shirley, and myself for a Monday morning session of play.

Spirited, fun play.

The good folks at Nevin Parks and Recreation have added a lot of loose gravel screenings to the courts at Nevin in an attempt to make them look nicer as part of a spruce-up program.  Unfortunately, the very soft courts don't work that well for petanque.  We spent a lot of time pushing loose top-dressing down to one end of the court with a contractor's rake.  We managed to get the courts in a semi-playable condition, but they were still really too soft.  Maybe they'll settle a little with time; otherwise, we'll just have to remember to bring the rake!

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