Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament

Champions:  Alex Canesse and Juan Garcia

Shannon Hodge and Bo Johns (Tied for 3rd in CONCOURS)

Don E. Baker and Kaye Taliana (Tied for 3rd in CONSOLANTE)

Visiting from Maryland (Tokii and Faly tied for 3rd in CONCOURS)

Larry Creasy and Gary Weeks (Runners-up in CONSOLANTE)

Terry and Sue Wien (Winners in CONSOLANTE)

Cheryl and Robert Morrison (Tied for 3rd in CONSOLANTE)

Mai and Teng Lye (Runners-up in CONCOURS)
We had a wonderful tournament on Saturday at Finch Park.  The results were:

Alex Canesse and Juan Garcia, Champions
Teng Ly and Mai Lye, Runners-up
Toki and Faly, Tied for 3rd
Bo Johns and Shannon Hodge, Tied for 3rd

Terry and Sue Wien, Winners
Larry Creasy and Gary Weeks, Runners-up
Robert and Cheryl Morrison, Tied for 3rd
Don E. Baker and Kaye Taliana, Tied for 3rd

The FINALS were played under the lights at the Jones house.

We thank everyone for coming and hope that they had a great time.  We want everyone to come back again next year and bring a friend!

Gary and Shirley Jones, Carolina Petanque

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