Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winston-Salem on Sunday


We had ten people at Miller Park today:  Nelson, Rebekah, Gail, Rom, Joseph, Bob, Terry, Preston, Sherry, and a new player named Marci.  We have Sherry to thank for recruiting Marci, both of whom (along with Preston) are now connected to petanque via Meetup.com .  In addition, we had two people walk up who were interested in learning more about playing, so I gave them the e-mail address to sign up for  updates.  

Sherry, Terry, and Preston continued their streak of playing well for having played for such a short time, and Marci picked the game up quickly.  

Later in the afternoon, a woman named Mireille (pronounced "mee-ray") stopped by (from Meetup.com).  She is French and lives in Winston-Salem. She wasn't interested in playing, but was happy to see an aspect of French culture and speak French with someone.  She is very, very nice and I think she would enjoy meeting other French speaking people in our group.   

I gave Preston the Carolina Petanque e-mail address.  He is interested in more opportunities to practice/play during the week.  Are we playing this Wednesday?  If we do, Nelson said he can do it if play begins at 10 (his classes begin earlier on Monday and Wednesday).

I'll send you photos tomorrow a.m.


Regarding Rebekha's question about Wednesday play, we are playing Wednesday morning October 1st at 10:00 AM at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC. (2500 Queen Street)


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