Tuesday, September 9, 2014

By: Rebekah Ricardo

Here's the update from Sunday's play: 

We got there early and were all set up by 12:30.  Those attending were Nelson, Rebekah, Bob, Gail, Danny and Sue, Fred, Rom, Terry, Marc and Augustin, and a new player named Teng Lye.  Teng recently moved from California where he was an active member of a petanque club out there and has competed in several tournaments.  He's a good player and a very nice person.   He brought his wife, a mother or mother-in-law, and 3-4 of his children.  He found out about us from the Internet--probably just a Google search. 

Suzanne came back from shopping and sat watching us play a couple of games.  It was good to see them!

Teng Ly lives in Newton, I think?  So Hickory is the closest city to him.  He and Marc talked and they exchanged contact info so that Teng can play some in Hickory with the Quelicis.   However, I'm hoping he will still come back and play occasionally with us.  I didn't think to ask y'all for some business cards to hand out in your absence, but I got Teng's contact information (no e-mail address) and I will text him info on the BBQ tourney, the blog, and Facebook.
I don't think we'll do Wednesday play this week due to several people being unavailable.

Attached are photos.  There was nothing special about food because I was too busy sewing all weekend to do anything.  Might bring something next Sunday.  Will try to also bring my better camera--just used my cell phone yesterday.
Miss y'all and hope all continues to go well out there.

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