Thursday, September 18, 2014

From Rebekah:

Shirley and I were still in Texas on Sunday-- we played there Wednesday, Thursday, AND Sunday, but Shirley forgot her camera every time!  Guess her mind was on the grandkids!  Meanwhile, back in the Carolinas, Rebekah and Nelson hosted play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday, but she forgot her camera too!  Here's her report:

Anyways, we had nine people: Terry, Rom, Gail, Danny, Sue, Nelson, me, and two new folks who showed up from finding us on! Their names are Preston and Loretta. Preston lives in Lewisville. Not sure about Loretta. Real nice folks and they played two games with us. The seemed to enjoy it, so we'll see if they come back. Terry brought some snacks. We played about 4 games and then folks said they had to leave, so we packed up and left. I'm very appreciative of Danny and Sue for making the trek down two weeks in a row and then having to drive back that night! Really good of them!

Many thanks to Rebekah and Nelson for hosting and reporting.  We'll be back for play on Sunday, September 21, at Miller Park.

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