Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, 11-10-2013

Tichon and Xavier
Dylan, Eric, Luisana, and Philippe
Juan and Celia

Cruz and Kristi
Rick and Maggie

Shirley accepting on our behalf (w/ Luisana)

Alexandra's pointing form-- perfect?

w/ Alexandra and Pascal

Sebastian pointing

John Roberson

Finals play

Eric Bertin

Higher than high

Consolante A winners and runners-up

Who's the axe man?

Ernesto and Narin

Marieke and Gina

John and Tish


We lost to the youngsters in the semi-finals!


John and Benedicte from VA

Yanick and Mike

Sunday's first round fixed the final brackets prior to single-elimination play for the remainder of the day.  Winning teams in the first round stayed in the brackets they were assigned to after Saturday play.  Losing teams in the first round dropped down into a sub-bracket.  So, teams beginning in A, who won, stayed in A, but if they lost, they dropped down to Aa.

If a team lost in the second or subsequent rounds, they were out of the tournament, no matter whether they had won or lost in the first round.

At the end of the day, Carolina Petanque ended up with winning teams in several of the Consolante brackets.  Juan Hernandez won his bracket with Celia Crittendon from Oregon as his partner.  Kristi Bunn and Cruz Lopez won their Consolante bracket.  Rick and Maggie Sweeney won the Consolante A bracket.

Shirley and I, though losing in the semi-finals of Consolante A, nevertheless managed to come up with a cash prize for our tied-for-third-place finish.

In the Concours, or Championship, bracket, Carolina did not have a team "in the money,' but Khalid, Kirk, and Bo, deserve congratulations for qualifying in the top 32 teams on Saturday.  Nice job!

The overall tournament winners were Hemon and Thibaud who defeated, in a minor upset, Rocher and Bertin in the finals.

Congratulations to all the players, sponsors, promoters, organizers, and workers who, once again, made the Petanque America Open a huge success-- no doubt the largest petanque event in the United States.

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