Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lake Worth-- Saturday

Diane, Marty, and Cynthia

Teri, Alexandra, and Erin

Laura, Denise, and Brenda

Pierrette, Shirley, and Jo Ella

Hedi, Jan, and Barbie

Pat, Muriel, and Regine
Diana, Marieke, and Gina

The seven teams who participated in the National Women's Confederation Cup Qualifier, on Saturday in Lake Worth, Florida, were:

Alexandra Tisseur, Erin McTaggart, and Teri Sirico; Barbie Crowder, Hedi Latimer, and Jan Kirtland; Brenda Green, Denise Magas, and Laura Cheru; Cynthia Stroud, Diane Bianco, and Marty Dischinger; Diana Jacobs, Gina DeJoy, and Marieke Rolland; Jo Ella Manalan, Pierrette Sucur, and Shirley Jones; and Muriel Schmidtke, Pat Lalinec, and Regine Maistri.

The qualifying format was six games of eleven points played by each team.  Each team played every other team one time.  At the end of the day, four teams finished with records of 4 Wins vs. 2 Losses.  The three other teams with fewer than four wins were eliminated from the competition and invited to participate in consolation play with members of the Lake Worth South Florida Petanque Club on Sunday.

The four remaining teams were advanced to Sunday National play.  Those teams advancing were:

Cynthia/Diane/Marty; Diana/Gina/Marieka; Jo Ella/Pierrette/Shirley; and Muriel/Pat/Regine.

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