Thursday, June 20, 2013

New players in Lincolnton

Khalid gets some new boules!

RCX's 75/690

Yep, they work!

Tom and Carol brought friends, Jean and Philippe

Yours truly

Khalid and Augustin plotting?

Jean points

Khalid shoots

Philippe Trochard


Bottle of wine time!

New friends


Gary and Khalid vs. Augustin and Tom

Last game of the day

 We played in Lincolnton yesterday from about 12:30 to 7:00 PM.  Khalid, Tom, Carol, Philippe, Jean, Shirley, and I enjoyed a not-too-hot Carolina June day

Philippe and Jean are friends of Tom and Carol and live in Lincolnton.  They moved here from France about a year ago.  Jean has relatives in the Lincolnton area.  Upon meeting near-neighbors, Tom and Carol, they found they had life in France in common as Tom and Carol have lived there in the past and will be returning for about a three month stay later this summer.

We were happy to have Jean and Philippe join us yesterday and look forward to playing with them frequently in the future.  As a matter of fact, after being invited by Augustin, they plan to play in the club panache at Terry and Sue's on Saturday!

Augustin enjoyed spending the afternoon with people he could communicate with in French and found several interests in common.

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