Thursday, June 27, 2013

German Guests at the Inn

Sometimes it's fun to play petanque just for fun!  I know that sounds a little odd, but here's what I mean:

Francois Deprez, proprietor of The Inn at Bingham School, sent us an e-mail with some pictures and a note about a recent gathering they had which included some of his regular players from the community (Saxapahaw) and some guests from Germany who were staying at the inn.  His note reads:

Gary and Shirley,
We had a special round of play this week. A new player to Petanque had a great first game. Playing in teams of 5 Vs. 5 with One team having thrown all their balls, Our new player throws his ball hitting cochonnet out of bounds giving us a win with 7 points. Shows you how Petanque can be played by all.

So, if you're willing to suspend the normal rules that say you can never have more than three players on a team, and just let everyone play, people can start to learn the game and just have fun doing it without taking everything too seriously.

Thanks to CarolinaPetanque member, Francois, for the contribution to the blog.  Check out his inn if you ever find yourself down around Chapel Hill, NC.

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