Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Winning form!
Early arrivals

Bo at work

Showing the kids
Danny and Kirk

Memorial Day Celebration and PowWow

Mike (Zanesfield)

Kristi Bunn


Kristi and Cruz.  Having fun?
Native Americans


Kirk, Danny, Shawn, Jane

Shirley coaxing potential players

Trying the game

Peaceful moment

Bob rubbing it in!!!

Sue wins in singles!

Today's Champion

Third place

Second place


Bob (3rd), Danny (2nd), Sue (1st), and Bo (ZPC president)

The format for Saturday's play was a doubles panache.  Players changed partners after each game, giving people a chance to play with, and against, several others.   An unusual wrinkle after the four qualifying rounds was that the top four placing individuals then played singles head-to-head against each other (#1 against #2 and #3 against #4) in the finals round.

Sue Daniels and Danny Daniels from Carolina finished one and two in the qualifying rounds.  Gary Jones and Bob Moyer from Carolina finished three and four-- a CarolinaPetanque sweep of the top four places!

In the singles competition, Sue beat Danny and Bob beat Gary.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Well done!

After the day's play, Danny won the shooting contest, making it a complete sweep of all the prizes for CarolinaPetanque.  Nice job everyone.
Live entertainment post-petanque-- Bob Lucas from Zanesfield

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