Monday, May 6, 2013

Saturday before the Sunday Panache


Saturday morning trip to the Farmer's Market

Veggie's, anyone?
Or perhaps these?
Maybe you'd prefer flowers?
Multi-cultural celebration at Finch Park
...brought out the colorful, native dress
...and the circus acts!

A small parade
Parade girls

And belly dancers-- in Lexington!
Bob. Maggie, Peggy, and Sue

Bo on the driveway court

Guntram's pointing style
Danny and Kirk after dark
We had house guests for the weekend who came to play in the Sunday Panache at Miller Park.  Danny and Sue Daniels, Bobby and Peggy Huffman, and Maggie Sweeney (Rick was traveling) spent Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night with us.

We also invited Bob Moyer,Guntram Porps, Kiirk Edwards, and Bo Edwards to come by for Saturday afternoon and evening petanque at our house.  We played until nearly midnight before deciding we had better save ourselves for Sunday.

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