Monday, May 6, 2013

Petanque Panache at the Park

In Memoriam

Gang who braved the weather

Our host, Bob Moyer, says a few words

Guntram's game face

Walt and Allen

Khalid, Fred, Bo, and Kirk

Joe Harrington steps into the circle

Juan and Kirk-- dressed for the weather

Joe and Catherine

Umbrellas proved popular
Sue Wien

Fred Marchant

Marc Quilici

Walt Elder and Sue

Guntram Porps, Bobby Huffman, and Bob Moyer

Marc, Fred, Bob, Guntram, Walt, and Sue
Guntram's art and Bob's Haiku poetry

Bob and Guntram at the gallery after-party


Bob Moyer, past-president of CarolinaPetanque, had one of his good friends, whom he met while playing petanque in Germany, visiting in Winston-Salem in conjunction with a showing that the two of them were having at a local art gallery.  Bob is a haiku poet and Guntram Porps is a multi-media artist.  You can check them out here:

Bob decided to promote a panache tournament at Miller Park while his friend was here and also to remember one of his other German friends, Mirko Klauss, who recently passed away.  Bob chose to call the tournament "Mirko's Funny Tournament."  The joke is that Mirko once said that he didn't want to be so serious about the games that he couldn't enjoy them.  He just wanted, " be funny."  That was his English-as-a-second-language way of saying that he just wanted to have fun.

And fun we had!  The day was perfect for petanque.  Temperatures climbed all the way up to 54F, if 54F can be called "up."  And the wind probably never exceeded 30 MPH.  Probably.  And the rains were hard, but not TOO hard.  You may be able to get a feel of conditions from some of the pictures.

Still, twenty-two brave souls turned out to play.  We played four qualifying rounds.  Players changed partners and opponents in each round.  Scores were accumulated on an individual basis with one point for a win and zero points for a loss.  In addition, point differentials were recorded to function as the tiebreaker in case people had the same number of wins.

As it turned out, only one person made it through the four rounds undefeated.  Walt Elder and his various partners were 4 and 0.  Impressive!

The three players who were 3 and 1 and also had the best point differentials were:

Sue Wien (#2 ranking), Fred Marchant (#3 ranking), and Marc Quilici (#4 ranking)

Barely missing the finals and finishing in 5th place by only three differential points was our current club president, Kirk Edwards.

It had previously been decided to reward the two individuals with the highest rankings by allowing them to team up for the Championship Finals (we decided to forgo any quarters or semis in the interest of time since this was only a half-day affair).  So it was Walt and Sue against Fred and Marc for the Championship.

Walt and Sue jumped out to a big early lead before nearly being reigned back in by Fred and Marc once they hit their stride.  It was not to be, though.  Walt and Sue are our 2013 Panache (Doubles) Champions.  Congratulations!

Their names will be added to the plaque of CarolinaPetanque tournament champions.  Eligible tournaments must be sponsored by a CarolinaPetanque member, publicized in advance, and open to ALL members of CarolinaPetanque who choose to participate.  Invitational tournaments will not qualify unless the invitation is extended to ALL members.

Don't forget, there's another panache event coming up on June 22nd at the Wiens' home on High Rock Lake.  They have four beautiful courts, so we will probably decide to make this one a triples tournament in order to accommodate the most people.  More details to come.

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