Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visitors from Texas

David, Gary, Earl, and Khalid


Khalid points as Earl and Fred look on

Earl Lovell from (near) Austin, Texas

That's Pam Lovell on the right
We were lucky enough to have Earl Lovell, his wife Pam, and Pam's brother David Porter visit and spend three nights with us here in Lexington this week.  Earl is an accomplished player from the Heart of Texas Petanque Club in Austin, Texas.  He and his son Trevor finished as Runners Up in the 2011 Heart of Texas Open to Pascal Corchia and Juan Garcia, both of whom are members of the 2012 USA World Team.

Trevor is beginning studies at the University of Virginia Law School in the fall.  Earl, Pam, and David were on the east coast helping Trevor get settled.  We encouraged them to make a side trip through Lexington on their return to Texas.  Earl and Pam are giving some thought to the possibility of relocating to the east coast and wanted to see a little of the Carolinas.

We were happy to have them and hope they'll come back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! Visitors from my "current" "home" (TX) at my "growing up" "home" (NC)! --- Which team to pull for??? Oh my! :)