Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 2, 2012

Khalid had a day off from work on Thursday, so we decided to host play at our Lincolnton, NC, terrain for those others lucky enough to be able to play on a weekday morning.  We started play around 10:00 AM and finally called it a day around 8:30 PM!

Khalid, Bobby, Peggy, Bill, Tom, Sam, Augustin, Shirley, and I were playing in a nice shade during the morning hours which gave way to typical August sun and heat as the day wore on.  About all we could do was try to keep hydrated and try to play from the shade of an umbrella whenever possible.  ( Since we were playing during the period of Ramadan, Khalid wasn't even able to drink anything throughout the day.  He did resort to wet cloths around the neck and crushed ice rubbed across his forehead.  )

Tom and Augustin beat Shirley and me 3 of 4 at day's end!
Sam, Bill, and Peggy

Still a little shade here

Finally shade again late afternoon

Peggy and daughter Sandy

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