Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday Play

My zero-gravity chair helped some

And Shirley brought along some pain relief

Gail returned this week
I thought I might have to resort to being a spectator on Sunday.  I had lower back pain on Friday and Saturday that continued into Sunday and made it uncomfortable for me to sit and difficult for me to get up once seated.  I don't know if I've just pulled something or perhaps have a kidney stone that's causing the pain.  I tried pointing very tentatively to determine if the motion of tossing the boule was going to make my situation worse.  Actually, I was surprised to find it did not.  Later in the games I even tried shooting with no real problem.

We played for about five hours and got in some good practice.  Gail is making good progress in becoming more consistent with her pointing and seems to be enjoying herself.  We're glad to have her in the group.

(By the way, I felt okay on Monday after testing my back on Sunday.   It's still painful when I'm trying to find a comfortable sitting or reclining position, but it's no worse when I'm standing or walking.  I hope a few more days of relative rest will do the trick.  I'll put off a doctor's visit for at least a while.)

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