Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rock Hill, SC

Steve Hackenberg

Robert, Henry, Gary Kenny, Steve, and Scott

Henry and Gary

Russel and Trey

Gary, Scott, and Kenny

Six courts!!!
We traveled down to Rock Hill, SC, to play at the Boyd Hill Recreation Center on Wednesday afternoon.  Our CarolinaPetanque members, SteveHackenberg and Trey Johnson, are starting to get a little play going-- soon we hope to be on a regular basis-- and invited us to join them.  The play area has been converted from unused tennis courts to bocce/petanque.  There has been bocce play on a regular basis and petanque on a sporadic basis.  

It's a good location with plenty of room to spread out.  They could easily handle six more courts beyond the six they already have if demand grew to that level.  We had eight players yesterday.  Not bad for a first attempt!

By the way, though half of yesterday's players had played little or no petanque, it surprised me how well they played.  Steve suggested that most of the people in the group played either bocce or disc golf on a regular basis and that the skills required for those games made for quick learners of our game.

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