Monday, June 4, 2012

Parisian Promenade-- 2012

Sign at the entrance
Our table
Khalid's youngest, Malak, and  her "friend"

Khalid's family:  Ghezlane, Malak, and Maroua

Not bad!

Jack in the circle-- Bob and Pam instructing

First game: Winners Johnny and Gary
with Losers Darrel and Khalid

Nice playing form from Malak

Fred gets a little one started

Gary and some new players

A lefty!

Ed and "Bert" from Lexington!

Shirley multi-tasking

Who's the tall lady?

Tom providing guidance

Khalid, Tom, and new players

A nice lady and her companion resting in the shade
Faye and Fred

Nice group of young people

Petanque or ballet?
Philippe of Petanque America sent CarolinaPetanque an eMail congratulating us on our fifth year of participation in Greensboro's celebration of all things French.  We had a wonderful day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s.

Our group was well represented this year with Bob and Pam, Khalid and Ghezlane with their two daughters, Fred and Faye, Tom and Carol, Wesley and Marcie, along with Shirley and myself making the trip.  Huge THANKS to all who came and helped!  Fred, in particular, was great in helping Shirley manage the kids court and spent several hours in the sun without much of a break.  THANKS, Fred.

Also, a big THANK YOU to Johnny, Darrel, and the rest of the guys at Greensboro Parks and Recreation for inviting us and working with us to keep the court area in good condition and cooperating in every way with our setup.

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