Friday, August 4, 2017

Reeds of Deep Gap (7/29/17)

Looking down to the overflow play area

Play in the overflow area

Community lake near the overflow petanque

The climg back to the main court

Not far to go!
Rusty and Marcia Reed have a beautiful home in a gated community on Powder Horn Mountain in Deep Gap, NC. From time to time, they are gracious enough to invite Carolina Petanque members and associates up to play. Their main court, covered from the elements and covered by an oyster shell top dressing, is one of the nicest anywhere. We've played there several times, and it just seems to get better each time.

This particular play date included Rusty taking a stint at the grill for some great sausages as well as providing the group with a delicious pulled pork (with all the trimmings!) meal. Great stuff! Cooking for over twenty is decidedly not easy-- but the Reeds make it look to be so.

Rusty and Marcia also provided the group with a couple of overflow courts just down a fairly steep hill from the main one. They proved to be very challenging indeed. The slope sometimes made it difficult just to keep your boule in bounds. Lots of fun, though. Rusty recently decided to ask the community governing board if he could spend his own money to buy a little gravel to improve the courts. The plans are that the community will provide the grading necessary to level the area somewhat and Rusty will put down the gravel. Should be even nicer for next time.

Thanks for having us, Rusty and Marcia, and we'll look forward to coming again.

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