Monday, August 7, 2017

New player in Morganton on Saturday!

With Tracie

Tracie's FIRST point!

Sue, Juan, and me


Danny, Marc, Tracie, and Ed

Kathy gardening on a neighboring court while waiting to play

Rains have brought a few scattered weeds
We only had nine players in Morganton on Saturday morning, but one of them was a new player (another bocce player that Ed referred our way!). We were glad to welcome Tracie Jeffries to the group. She said she had already watched some You Tube videos of petanque to get a feel for what the game was all about, so we tried to be brief with our instructions and got her into a game straightaway.

She immediately seemed to be comfortable with the palm-down throwing style of petanque whereas many, if not most, bocce players deliver the bocce ball palm-up. After a few throws that were short (our Morganton courts are rather soft), she seemed to have no trouble getting her boule "in the game," and was a player to be reckoned with for the rest of the day.

We soon had her involved in strategy discussion and debating which boule was "in" like a seasoned player. Looking forward to her joining us again at her first opportunity.

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