Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thursday afternoon in Morganton

Shirley and I again drove up to Morganton to play with Kirk, Bo, Steve, and "Hoss." The latter being a new player from the area. He seemed to have an aptitude and enjoy the game. I know we enjoyed having him! We're experimanting with a regular play schedule for Morganton. Tentatively, we're going to shoot for Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

At present, our play schedule for regular club play looks as though it's going to be:

Wednesday mornings in Winston-Salem (9:30 AM at Miller Park)

Thursday afternnons in Morganton (Noon at Catawba Meadows)

Friday afternoons in Asheville

Saturday mornings in Morganton (9:30 AM at Catawba Meadows)

Third Saturday of each month (9:30 AM summer starts) in Charlotte

Sunday afternoons in Winston-Salem (1:00 PM at Miller Park)

Occasional play in various other places throughout the Carolinas.

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