Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Western NC

Danny and Sue drove down from Crossnore

Shirley and I decided to travel to Morganton to check on the progress at the new terrain. We came away with mixed emotions. They have semi-completed two of the four terrains, each of which is designed to host four games. There are problems, however. They have had some erosion issues that will have to be corrected, but the biggest problem is that we're afraid the courts may be too soft to play on without significant rework. Our repeated warnings that the base has to be VERY firm and the top dressing VERY minimal don't seem to have been communicated to all concerned. Some areas are somewhat playable, but they are really too soft. Other areas are completely unplayable. On the positive side, the park management people seem to be very cooperative and we hope they can turn things around. Morganton parks are first class, and we know they want the petanque to be first class as well. We'll go back and forth as much as it takes to work with them.

Then, on our way back to our Lincolnton place, we stopped in Hildebran to play a few games with Marc Quilici and Juan Hernandez. They were too tough on their home courts. We lost three in a row! Looking forward to revenging ourselves soon.


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