Friday, November 25, 2016

Saturday Qualifying Rounds in Orlando (Sanford)

Marion and Linda

Maggie and Kaye

Shannon and Gina

Pierrette and Jo Ella

Janice and Chia

Tournament Director, Frank Guzman

Khaled and Earl

Umpire Announcements

Barbara and Erin

Rebekah and Gerda


Gina and Shannon

Bo and Jeanne-Marie (Texas)

Chrissy and Stacy

Jan and Barbara

Gina and Shannon

Holly and Shannon

Michelle and Celia

Amy and Jackie

Shirley and Sue

Tish and Teri

Maggie and Kaye

Our players results:
Bo Edwards with Jeanne-Marie (Texas) 5 and 0 !!! (ranked #3 of 16 women's teams)
Shirley and Sue 3 and 2 (#5 of 16 women's teams)
Kaye with Maggie Lane (California)1 and 4 
Parker and Kirk 2 and 3
Earl with Khaled (from Wisconsin) 1 and 4
I think I have these right. There were 24 men's teams-- sixteen going forward into Sunday's play. And there were sixteen women's teams. Bo, Shirley, and Sue Wien all go forward into Sunday's play!

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