Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tournament Day

Tournament day started out at around 40F, so sweaters and jackets were required for the first round of play. We started play with 32 teams playing on 16 courts-- a new high for our tournament. There were teams from Ohio, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Play was divided into morning qualifying and afternoon single elimination. The three morning rounds resulted in sixteen teams advancing to the Concours and sixteen teams playing in the Consolante. The Concours was seeded based on a strict ranking of wins/point differential/point quotient. The Consolante was seeded via random draw.

Play commenced at 9:30 and finished under the lights around 7:30. Here are the results:

Champions: Mohamed and Bo
Runners up: Faly and Andry
3rd place tie: Cruz and Noe
Francis and Laura
Consolation Bracket
Winners: Bo and Parker
2nd place: Robert and Marsha
3rd place tie: Kerry and Cherri
Frank and Denyse

 Congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated!

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