Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fun with Kirk and Bo (and Parker)

Carolina Petanque's First Family
Celebrating the 55th annual Marseillaise
In Marseille, of course!

Our men's team: Parker, Kirk, Jim Schwobel (Heart of Texas club)

Marco Foyot, six-time winner of The Marseillaise! (with Zanesfield Petanque Club's Shannon Hodge)

Parker and the ladies

Team Dugeny defeats Team Foyot in the semi-finals

Our women's team: Bo, Shannon, and Celia Crittenden (Portland, OR)

An evening with Marco!

Cradle of Petanque

Women at rest

Smile, Shannon!

Nice hat, Bo!

When in France?

The gang's all here!

Where petanque was born!

2016 men's Champions

Best looking team in the Marseillaise!

The Big Stage

Pictures "borrowed" from the Facebook timelines of Kirk and Bo. Congratulations to our international teams!

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jeannette said...

Thank you very much for sharing!
Looks like you had a great time!