Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Edwards family

We played John and Mervyn from New Zealand!

Marc, Kathy. and Juan

Asheville players had a banner

We played Walter/Gilles from Miami

Jean-Pierre, Damien, Claudy

Thierry, Rachel, Hasu (Austin, Texas)

Celia Crittendon (US Women's Singles Champion)

Shannon (US Women's team) and Celia (US Women's Singles Champion)

Hodge/Crittendon with Parker/Bo (and Khalid)
Diana Jacobs/Gina De Joy (Both on US Women's team)

Diana shows the way

We lost 13-10 to Larry/Lori Beth (St. Augustine)

Florida crowd

Winners and Runners-up in Concours BB

Kathy and Kaye were 4th in Consolante D
Runners-up in Concours BB

Lori Beth/Larry Winners of Concours BB

Peter Mathis (CA) and Jack Vijiit (OH) 2nd place in CONCOURS A

Dinner at the Marina

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