Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Traditional group photo on Saturday morning
Hedy/Donnie as Burger/Fries

Thierry fronm Austin with Marco Foyot (France)

Kirk/Khalid had to play Marco/Eric (Sarasota) the first match!

Danny/Sue with Ridah/Frank from Oh La La in Orlando (Sanford)

Earl Lovell sent Marco a collector's knife

Jesse/Dave (Sarasota)


The remote courts at Broome & 2nd Street were tough but fun

Best costume winners (?)

Ziggy and Bo

Misty rides the SALTY PELICAN!
Shirley only managed to get a few pictures on Saturday-- we were just too busy playing. We had around 20+ players from the Carolinas, so it was one of our best-attended Petanque America Opens.

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