Thursday, September 3, 2015

Upcoming this weekend!

From Rebekah:
Hello Everyone!

As you know, this coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend.  There are several events I'd like to inform you about:

  • CP member Teng Ly is one of the presidents for the Southeast Hmong organization, a group representing the various Hmong communities in the southeastern United States.  (Hmong refers to people with heritage from Southeast Asia, particularly Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.)  

    This organization is hosting its annual fall festival where there will be wonderful food, cultural presentations, and various athletic games.  This year they've added a new game to the festival: pétanque!  Teng will be offering pétanque demonstrations, and attendees will be able to try playing the game.  Teng could use a few extra people to help.  The event is in Newton, NC (located near Conover, NC).  If you are available to help Teng either  Saturday or Sunday, please let me know by Friday, so I can provide the address, etc.  It should be a fun event!
  • There will be play on Sunday at Miller Park in Winston-Salem--1:00 PM as usual.  We have several members out of town, but Gail and others will be hosting and available to play.  Please come out if you're available.
  • Finally, let's wish safe travels and good luck to our members who are flying out to California for pétanque tournaments:  Bo Edwards, Gary & Shirley Jones, Maggie Sweeney, and Frank & Denyse Haney.  Over Labor Day Weekend, Frank, Denyse, Gary, Shirley, and Maggie will all compete in a mixed triples tournament in Sacramento.  The following weekend (September 12-13) Bo, Maggie, and Shirley will be competing in the National Women's Triples Championship/Confederations World Cup Qualifier. 

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