Thursday, September 3, 2015

More from the mountains

 After a great time with Kirk and Bo on Friday afternoon in Spruce pine, we spent Friday night (and Saturday night) with Danny and Sue Daniels at their home in Crossnore, NC. Shirley took a few snapshots around the house to showoff a few of their decorative touches.

Then, Danny, Sue, Rick, Maggie, Shirley, and I were invited over to the Deep Gap, NC, home of Rusty and Marcia Reed for petanque and lunch on Saturday morning/afternoon. They've recently added a roof over their court to help keep it dryer due to the frequent mountain rains this season. It's really something to see. They have to have one of the absolute nicest places to play in the Carolinas with their recent improvements. The surface is crushed oyster shell, and it's near perfect for petanque. the ceiling soars to fourteen feet above ground level. And the court is right on the side of a hill, but built up to be perfectly level-- quite an engineering feat.

Thanks, Reeds, for a great time on Saturday!

Rusty and Marcia Reed

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