Sunday, February 8, 2015

Georgia Taylor Recreation Center

We tried a new playing location in Winston-Salem on Friday morning.  The construction project going on at Miller Park promises to keep us from playing there for a couple of months.  We had thought the baseball field in Miller Park at the corner of Queen St. and Knollwood might serve our temporary needs, but the drainage there is slow, and it looks as though it will be too soft for petanque after even a light rain.

The Georgia Taylor Reecration Center at 1471 West Clemmonsville Road is only a few miles from Miller Park and now appears to be our best bet for a temporary venue.  I believe we can accommodate up to six courts of play at a time there.  Rom, Barb, Shirley, Bob, and I tried it out on Friday and think it will be okay.  Terry and Sue have offered the weekly use of their five courts in Lexington, so we may end up alternating between Winston-Salem and Lexington for a while.

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