Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Carolina Petanque in France


Carol and I just played with the Petanque Club today - they play every Monday and Thursday, 1:45 until dark - YEAR ROUND!  I played last week both days - this was the first day for Carol to play.  

We play on the  nine courts of which Carol sent pictures.  They started promptly at 1:45pm, (all who wanted to play had already dropped one ball in a 20 Liter/5 Gal bucket) - the leader spread the balls out single file along a barrier, divided up into teams just like we do - every other ball is a team playing against the alternating two.  We played about 45 minutes each match.  Someone signaled with a whistle that we should be finishing up - those who finished quickly played a second/partial game while waiting.  No scores are kept.  We threw all balls in the bucket each time and repeated the matches. Carol and I lost track of the number - we think we played 5-6 matches.  I counted 36 balls one round today (9 even matches).  Met a lot of people and had fun.

Wish you and Shirley could fly over and join the fun!  


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