Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 2nd-- The Reeds of Deep Gap

Rusty and Marcia Reed are creating a beautiful new terrain in the woods of their Deep Gap, NC, homeplace.  They are really going all-out to level and properly drain a terrain built into the side of their mountain landscape.  Most of the project is now done.  One end of the court remains to be finished and there's a little cosmetic work still to be done on a drain area at that end of the court.  It's already very playable though.

They invited Shirley and myself to stop by and check out their progress.  It's in a secluded, gated community about fifteen minutes from Boone, NC.  They hope to involve several of their friends in the community in playing our game.  We hope that they'll also include many of our Carolina Petanque group in future events.  They've already promised to have a few people over in the not-too-distant future to christen the new terrain.  We'll certainly be looking forward to it.

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