Monday, July 7, 2014

Best turnout of the year?

Ronnie and Faye Rierson
Nelson on grill duty
Food line
Today's sponsor
Sean, Tom, Lenora, and Sue
Linda, Carol. and Al
Rebekah and Tom with Chuck of Parks&Rec


Stump, Gary, Gail, Cheryl

Another view
A big Carolina Petanque thanks to Ronnie and Faye Rierson for sponsoring a post-Fourth of July cookout at Miller Park (2500 Queen St) in Winston-Salem yesterday.  I think our head count was 27 people in attendance.  Not bad for a hot day in July when many of our regulars were traveling!

Alex Canesse, son of Freddy Canesse and nephew of Gilles Canesse (two very-well-known names in US petanque) joined our group for the first time AND joined the club!  Welcome, Alex. 

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