Monday, March 3, 2014

New players

Cheryl with niece Samantha, nephew Junior, and sister Jean


Bob's dog

Girl talk? (Greta and Samantha)
Cheryl invited her niece, her nephew, and her sister to join us for play on Sunday at Miller Park.  We're always delighted to have new players, so to get three on one day was a real coup!

Samantha, Junior, and Jean all took to the game and fit right in with our crowd, playing, laughing, and kidding around just like the rest of us.  We really hope they'll continue to come out on Sundays.  Since they are locals, maybe we'll become a routine part of their weekend?

There were sixteen players, so the trend of increasing crowds with improving weather continues.  Shirley and I may miss a week or two of Carolina play since we are contemplating joining our friends Bobby and Peggy for a brief Florida vacation.  We left club boules, scoreboards, and playing circles with Rebekah and Nelson yesterday, so there will be play next Sunday at Miller Park whether we are there or not.

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