Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Weekend in March

We planned to play Saturday at Nevin Park in Charlotte even though the forecast was for a 70% chance of rain.  It was misting a little at 8:30 when we left Lexington for the one hour drive southwest.  We ran through a shower or two on the way, but it was mostly hit and miss.  By the time we actually got to Nevin Park, it had started to rain more steadily, so it looked as though we might get in a game-- or we might not.
There were five of us at the beginning of play around ten o'clock.  Khalid, Rick, Maggie, Shirley and I played three-against-two during a light, but steady, rain.  By the time the rest of the players, Nelson, Rebekah, Danny, and Sue arrived in the eleven o'clock to noon time frame, the rain was mostly over.  We played the rest of the day with only a light sprinkle of ten minutes in duration around 12:30.  So. play was from around 10:00 to 4:30.  Not bad for a day we had more or less written off as potentially unplayable!

When we got back to Lexington around 5:30, we found our friends Bobby and Peggy had arrived around mid-day expecting that, because of the likelihood of rain in Charlotte, we'd be home anytime.  They managed to entertain themselves for the afternoon and even went out and played a little singles on our backyard court until we made it home.

We expected an even better day on Sunday at Miller Park in Winston-Salem.  The forecast was for mostly clear and a high around 55F.  But, as it turned out, we once again started our play (around 1:00) in adverse weather.  This time, it was not rain, but a cold, fierce wind.

Once again, though, the weather improved considerably as the afternoon wore on as the wind began to blow itself away.  We ended up with a good turnout (around 15 players) and played until around 6:30.  Early spring can be sort of iffy in the Carolinas, but each week should get better until the gosh-it's-hot days of July and August.

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